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Sept 11, 2001 | My hometown, New York City

Things that remain most vivid…

being at my desk, 38th floor, 1 WTC and feeling the building shake

everyone running for the staircase, uncertain of what was happening

finding out exactly what had happened (via someone’s blackberry) while we tried to make our way down

making room for the fire fighters to pass between us, on their way up… out of breath, carrying heavy equipment, red faces, sweating,

making room for people coming down from higher floors, being rushed down, bloody, burned hair

the officers yelling to us once we exited the building, “don’t stop, don’t look up, keep going”

finding out about the pentagon

finally able to get a hold of my parents to tell them I was ok

hearing the towers collapsing, I didn’t believe it, I thought it has to be something else

managing to meet up with my best friend and walking home together

and most of all, how New Yorkers united that day,  and the amazing volunteers who came to the rescue

I will never forget. 


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