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Choosing the Perfect Outfit: Professional branding session

Miami Branding Photoshoot Headshots

Selecting the right outfit for your headshots or branding session is, as you can imagine, very important. It will make a big impact on the impression the images will portray.

You should pick an outfit that you would wear to an important business meeting. This can be a well fitted dress, a blazer or a business casual blouse paired with a nice pair of slacks or skirt. For men, a suit and tie or an outfit that will perfectly portray your industry.

Sticking to neutral solid colors would be best as these are timeless and work well in most settings. You should avoid trends unless you plan on redoing photos every 6-8 months.

We also suggest having your makeup and hair done by a professional.

You can also bring accessories like your laptop, a book or anything that would make sense for your profession.

And lastly, bring your confidence and fun attitude!

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