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Michael Jacobs Candidate for City of Aventura Commission, Seat 1

Michael needed a few photos of him and his family, to help introduce himself to the residents of Aventura, as he is running for the City of Aventura Commission, Seat 1.

A little background…

I met Michael MANY years ago at the old dog park across the street from Founders Park. I remember because we both had white Pekingese dogs. He had two and I had one (Buddy). I had never met another white Pekingese dog so it was a memorable moment. Years later I saw him again while he was walking them in my community. He was “the guy with the 2 Pekingese dogs”. A few years later someone recommended a dentist to me and guess who it was? None other than Michael!

It was a true pleasure to photograph Michael and his beautiful family! Wishing you a successful outcome with your campaign!

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