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Volleyball forges bonds that can last a lifetime !

Volleyball is not just about scoring goals and winning championships. Being on a sport team shape them into resilient individuals!

If your child is interested in volleyball, NMB ‘s main training facility is at ADAPT which is located at 14901 NE 20th Ave North Miami, FL 33181. They also train at the NoMi Wild Cats Center which is located at 1600 NE 126 STREET. NORTH MIAMI. FL 33181.

We have been training with them for 3 years. Being on a team has helped my kids foster valuable social skills, funnel their extra energy into something fun, experience sportsmanship and has built their overall confidence. I think 6th grade was THE perfect time to start. Beginning of middle school can be hard and having them join a team at that time gave them another source of possible friendships.

These photos are from a tournament in Tampa in the beginning of 2023.

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